Day 15 📅 | Week 4 – My Body Transformation Journey | Building Self-Esteem & Learning Self Love


Day 15 📅 | Week 4 – My Body Transformation Journey | Building Self-Esteem & Learning Self Love

📅 – 5 May 2017

Week 4 of this Body Transformation… In the bag! Go, son!

It’s just amazing how time flies. It never seizes to amaze me.

Ok, so it’s technically week two on this new body transformation program that I’m on. I must say, change has been, or at least felt, really slow.

Funny how we always want that instant gratification. It’s one of our worst traits I think. In saying that, I am a prime example of this with my jumping from one thing to another.

Looking for that golden ticket. That secret sauce. That short cut.

Sorry, but it isn’t anything like that. Unless you win the lotto or you get struck by lightning and become some superhero dude.

Further to that, nutrition has been shite. It started well, and then I kinda messed up. I blame the meal timing. It’s quite different to what I am used to.

An example:

8 am Meal 1
10:00 Pre-Workout
10:30 Workout
11:30 Post Workout Shake
12:30 Meal 2
15:30 Meal 3
18:00 – 18:30 Meal 4 (last meal)
30 min before bed Shake

It’s easy but needs getting used to.

Must say, I am on track again, and it’s going well.

My workout routine was:


Seated Machine Leg Extensions (4 x Failure)
Leg Press (4 x Failure)
Dumbbell Lunges (4 x Failure)
Hamstring Curls (4 x Failure)


Captain’s Chair (3 x Failure)
Decline Bench Crunches (3 x Failure)
Dumbbell Side Bend (3 x Failure)

The wedding over the weekend was great fun, but goddamn, we had hangovers from hell.

Not being a big drinker, I’m pretty much a light weight.

I do have to say a big Fuck You to Jagermeister for ruining my weekend. You suck!

I would like to leave you with…

Self-Esteem and Self Love.

These have always been my downfall. Having no self-esteem or self love growing up, was hard.

It has only been recently, and with the support of family, friends and loved ones, that I have been able to start loving myself more.

I would like to share some of the strategies and thought patterns with you that have helped me get to where I am today.

1. You are unique.

No one else has your thoughts, your ideas, or your ways of doing things. Don’t be normal. Normal is a cycle on a washing machine.

2. You can do anything.

We forget that life affords us countless possibilities and choices, and we too often become bogged down in our day to day routines, losing sight of what can be done if we but put our minds to it.

You can do tremendous things.

3. You have unlimited power.

Ever day of your life, you wake up with limitless power at your disposal. The ability to choose your thoughts.

You will become whatever you consistently think about yourself.

Let me predict your future today with 100% accuracy:

If you keep thinking what you are thinking, you will keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting.

You are responsible for your own self-esteem, self love and self image and you are responsible for creating and maintaining it.

If you haven’t seen my previous videos, hop on over to my channel and check them out.

Thanks, and enjoy!



Day 15 📅 | Week 4 – My Body Transformation Journey | Building Self-Esteem & Learning Self Love

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