FULL DAY OF EATING – INTERMITTENT FASTING || The 12 Week Transformation diet – WEEK 9


So I’ve been on the intermittent fasting for a few weeks now..
My energy levels are higher
My fat is lower
My pumps are getting stupid
and my foods taste DAMN good!

So that you can get a better idea of what a day is like on an intermittent fasting diet when you’re aiming to lose fat (not that that’s all it’s good for… bulk and maintenance are possible too!) Ive filmed my day and of foods so you can see for yourself how FUDGING EASY it is!

Some of the proven benefits of this fat burning diet are:
Increase testosterone
Increased growth hormone
Faster muscle recovery
Faster muscle growth
A longer life span
Increased energy levels & mental focus
Higher % of day in fat burning mode
A tasty diet where you choose the foods

You have to give this a go!

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