How Chris Made This 31kg Fat Loss Body Transformation


Father and company director Chris lost an incredible 31 kg in just 16 weeks with UP after struggling for years with his weight and his unhealthy lifestyle.

The 38-year-old had desperately been trying to get fit after doctors diagnosed him with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) around four and a half years ago.

Chris, who has a five-year-old son, had tried everything to lose weight and salvage his health – but nothing had brought him the results he needed.

It wasn’t until he came to work with Ultimate Performance’s world-leading personal trainers that Chris was truly able to change his life.

After just 16 weeks of working with UP, he transformed his health and his physique.

He lost five stone in weight, cut his body fat in half from 30%, and developed lifelong knowledge of how to manage his diet, push himself in the gym and lead a balanced lifestyle to stay in shape.

But the most incredible result came when doctors told him that after training at UP, he had been given the all-clear from NAFLD after test results had shown his blood enzyme levels were well into the ‘normal’ range

“Five and a half months ago I was sat looking at these (before and after) images, and if I’m honest I didn’t really believe them.

“I didn’t see myself in that position. I didn’t see that I could go from where I was, to where I am today. I was a non-believer.

“But very quickly in the programme you realise that you’re on this path and you’re going to get to this state that you just didn’t believe that you’d get to.

“For that reason, if anybody out there is thinking about losing weight or getting fit or wanting to change their body, I would wholeheartedly recommend joining UP. It’s changed my life.”

He added: “I’m a completely different person – the physical side is obvious (to everyone, which is great) but also mentally.

“I am more confident, have more energy and am more aligned to a healthy lifestyle than I have ever been before.”

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