Avoid these errors when training abs! Gym mistakes for women.

In this video, I will show you common mistakes and errors for 6 different abs exercises in the gym. I will first illustrate how they usually are performed wrongly, and then I will show you how to correct it, in other words, how the exercise SHOULD be performed for best results. The exercises that we’re going to look at are:

1. Hanging leg raises (swing)
In this exercise, it is common that you swing up your legs to make it easier and less heavy. The problem here is that we want the abs to work as much as possible, so we want to avoid this swing. My tip is to use a smith machine which you can adjust the height on. Set the heigh on a level where you can touch the floor with your feet. Use your feet to stop your movement so that you avoid the swing. In this way, you will get a more controlled and focused movement.

2. Crunches
A common mistake in this exercise is to push your neck and your upper body with help from your hands. Instead, we want to keep our back still on the floor and only work with our abs. Don’t cheat the exercise with your arms, let them just follow your movement with the abs.

3. Laying Leg raises (press down lower back)
One way to do this exercise wrong is to swing your legs up and down as fast as you can, also doing as many reps as possible in a short amount of time. Instead, we want to press down our lower back to the floor and move the legs in a controlled movement. If you can’t do it with straight legs that’s ok, just remember to still press down your lower back into the floor.

4. Side Raises
It’s common that you want to help to press your body up with your arms but in this way, your side abs do not have the full focus. Instead, place your arm on your side and work with the side of your abs. Remember to breathe out the air for every rep. This is so important for all abs exercises.

5. Plank (lower your booty)
I see this mistake very often – we tend to bend our back and raise up our booty when doing the plank. The solution to this problem is to raise up your back, try to have it straight, and then push down your butt a bit. Try to have a straight posture, this will work the abs good!

6. Cable crunches
This is more of my personal preference, but I like to place the handle “on top” of the head, instead of like behind it. I think this gives a better contact in the abs and more of a real crunch.

I hope this video will help you guys to get a better contact in your abs and will get you closer to more defined abs!
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