5 Best Inner Thigh Exercises for Women at Home


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The Inner Thighs are often neglected muscles that become weak and underutilized because both women (and men) aren’t doing enough lateral movement or targeted exercises to hit them directly. Also known as the adductors, these muscles ADD your legs back together (called adduction) and doing the 5 exercises in this video will help restore some needed strength.

Since most guys get squeamish about training the inner thigh, these 5 exercises for all those women out there willing to improve their inner thigh strength. The best part is these 5 moves can all be done at home using ZERO equipment and they also benefit the entire lower body and core!

Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS and Figure Competitor Amanda Lynn McDowell show you 5 moves to better shape and strengthen those inner thighs and improve your overall leg strength.

The adductor machine isn’t the only way to target these muscles, in fact, these 4 exercises are better in real world application. Do more lateral or side to side movements in your training like you see in this video!

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