Essential BICEPS and BACK Workout to get SHREDDED | Specific instructions for MEN and WOMEN


This is a very effective workout for men and women for building lean muscle for your back and biceps. This workout can be modified based on your gym and the equipment that you have access to, but is a very effective workout to build that shredded mass you are looking for. Here’s the workout breakdown –

Workout Breakdown:

Back Workout
Workout 1: Pull Ups until failure
Workout 2: Lat Pull down – 3 sets with additional drop set focusing on form
Workout 3: Lats Pulls – 3 sets super set with double hand lat pulls (as shown in vid)
Workout 4: Machine Rows – 3 sets focusing on weight and form
Workout 5: Cable Rows – 2 burnout sets focusing on form and light weight

Bicep Workout
Workout 1: Arm Bar Curls
Workout 2: 21’s (1 set)
Workout 3: Wide Grip Cable Curls combined with rope curls super set
Workout 4: Wide-Grip Pull-Ups until Failure
Workout 5: Men – Reverse bench bar curls with super-set dumbell curls Women- Dumbell curls burn-out set

We are Jeff and Kristi Anderson and we are 1fish2fish

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Special Shout out to Brian Almond and Rico Vega.

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