Upper body workout with DUMBBELLS | For women


Hey guys! TONE YOUR ARMS with this UPPER BODY workout with DUMBBELLS for women. This is a killer workout that targets SHOULDERS, BICEPS and TRICEPS! A must watch! I hope you like it and give it a try 💪🏻 Let me know what you think
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The Workout

Tri-set 1 | 3 sets
12 Shoulder press
14 Alternating bicep curls (total reps)
12 Tricep kickbacks

Tri-set 2 | 3 sets
12 Upright row
14 Alternating hammer curls (total reps)
12 Curl to platter extension w/press

Finisher | 1 set
30 Elevated tricep pushups
30 Divebomber push-ups

Music: Parasail – Silent Partner: https://youtu.be/MzO4zfNO0kQ

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