1000 Rep Glutes Workout (TOTALLY KICKS YOUR BUTT!!)


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This 1000 rep glutes workout is not a squat challenge. It’s a complete glute challenge with 1000 reps of different butt exercises designed to grow your glutes. If you often don’t feel like you worked your glutes hard enough in your squats and lunges butt workouts, we promise that by the end of this 1000 reps glutes challenge, your behind will be sore!

There is an entire series of several different exercises in this 1000 rep butt workout, some of which repeat themselves and some that don’t. We consider this the ultimate butt challenge because only the strong will be able to complete the entire 1000 reps. Give this glute challenge a try and find out what you’re made of!
Here are the exercises that make up this 1000 reps glutes routine.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the moves in this 1000 glutes workout, try them out first before attempting the complete 1000 reps butt challenge:

1) Deep Squat (25 reps)
2) High Knees (200 reps)
3) Plank Circles (25 reps right leg)
4) Plank Circles (25 reps left leg)
5) Superman Hold (25 reps)
6) Deep Squats (25 reps)
7) High Knees (200 reps)
8) Hip Thrusts (50 reps)
9) Superman Hold (25 reps)
10) Double High Knees (25 reps)
11) Kick Ups (25 reps right leg)
12) Kick Ups (25 reps left leg)
13) Deep Squat (25 reps)
14) Lunge Back Kick Out (25 reps right leg)
15) Lunge Back Kick Out (25 reps left leg)
16) Straight Leg Kicks (25 reps right leg)
17) Straight Leg Kicks (25 reps left leg)
18) High Knees (200 reps)

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