Tired of doing the same booty exercises all the time? Here are 20 different exercises which definitely will give you better results!

Try these exercises out and I’m sure you will get better contact with your glutes and grow a bigger booty/butt. It’s easy to get caught up in doing only squats to make the booty grow, but some variation is always good and also, there are far better exercises than squats to target your glutes. Pick a handful of these exercises, mix and match and you have your own booty workout. The list of exercises are listed below:

1. Kickbacks on the cable machine
2. Hip raisers on the smith machine
3. One Leg pushdowns on the chin station
4. Booty steps with a resistance band
5. Stiff deadlifts with a barbell, standing on a weight
6. Bulgarian splits with dumbbells
7. Bulgarian splits with jump
8. Upper press on the smith machine
9. Sidekicks with resistance band
10. Reversed abductor machine
11. Squat kickbacks with resistance band
12. Frog kicks on the smith machine
13. One-leg side presses on the leg press
14. Hip thrusters on the leg extension
15. Leg splits with resistance band
16. Kickbacks on the leg curl
17. Hip thrusters with barbell on the floor
18. Cable squats on a bench
19. Good morning on the smith machine
20. Wide walking lunges with barbell
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