15 Chest Exercises You Must Do – Grow Your Boobs!


In this video, I will show you 15 great exercises for chest training in the gym.

All the exercises below, pick your favorites and put them into your workout!

1. Cable flyes
2. Incline narrow presses, with a weight plate
3. Cable flyes on a pilates ball
4. Push up twists, moving push-ups
5. Dumbbell flyes, on a bench
6. Upper presses, with a barbell
7. Incline chest press, with dumbbells
8. Overhead presses, with a dumbbell
9. Dumbbell chest presses
10. Dumbbel chest presses with a resistance band. This will give extra tension for sure!
11. One-arm crossovers, with a rope on the cable machine
12. One arm chest press. This is a challenger which requires strength and balance!
13. Decline push-ups, feet on a bench
14. One-arm flyes with dumbbells. This is a challenger which requires strength and balance!
15. Reversed presses with a narrow grip

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