Target INNER Pecs – 3 Flat Dumbbell Chest Exercises


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These 3 flat dumbbell chest exercises will help to target that inner chest area helping to build larger, more defined pecs. You NEED isolated exercises like this for pectoral growth, ask any bodybuilder, he will tell you. The Barbell chest press (bench press) is awesome for overall strength and power development but supplemental DB moves like these three help to target just the pec muscles and less of the secondary pressing muscles like shoulders and triceps.

The pectoral muscles responsibility is to bring the arm across the body or across the chest, basically adduction of the arm. Bringing it towards the center. The one arm chest press, squeeze press and fly all do a great job of stimulating the pecs and forcing them to work hard. Increased blood flow and tension in those muscles will lead to a bigger pump and an increase in size over time.

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