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In todays episode Sanela is going to guide you through a killer at home workout for your glutes, quads, shoulders, arms and CORE! Lets get started!

* Side Plank Pushups

Start in a regular pushup or plank position, twist your body and point one hand at a time towards the ceiling. At the peak position your arms should be in a straight line. On your way back down to the starting position twist your free arm all the way across the body activating the CORE.

After each rep do 5 regular push ups.

* Prayer Lunges

Prayer lunges should be started off just like a regular lunges with your front leg bent at a 90 degree angle with your knee behind your toes. Twist your body so that your opposite elbow is touching the outside of your forward knee. Hold for 10 seconds… Switch legs and continue. 10 reps.

Thats it! For optimum toning and firming do 7 rounds! It’ll be tough but I know you can do it!

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Until Next time guys, TRAIN HARD!


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