Calisthenics Q&A – Part 2 (Sprints, Gym. Rings, Cardio, hamstring bodyweight exercise)


Chris Prester 00:00
Hi Anthony, what are your thoughts on keeping a 1:1 ratio on vertical/horizontal push/pull exercises? So for instance, for every vertical pushing exercise you should do a vertical pull, and for every horizontal push you should do a horizontal pull. I notice that, at least in the past, your programs were not necessarily structured this way and you were heavy on the pushups.

Tahfif Tusila 01:34
Mr Anthony, i cant find spot for uphill sprint in my neigborhood, could I just sprint in flat surface? or just alternate jumping lunges and plyo burpes?

Vegeta 03:0
Is including rings in workouts necessary or will normal bar work and other stuff be optimal for an average calisthenic practitioner

TheGinny18 04:38
How do I handle other kind of sports in my training program, like swimming and some sort of fight sports? And need women more time to build muscle?

Darren Rees 06:57
Hi Anthony, just wanted to ask how you adjust your training program when you are looking to lose weight and eating at a calorie deficit. Do you lower the sets or train less overall? Thanks

Jonathan Pleban 09:31

Hi Anthony, just curious, what do you think of animal flow style training? I’ve been following a program called Movement 20XX, which uses animal and other natural movements as part of the training. I enjoy the variety in how I am working my muscles, but I’m not sure how optimal it is for building muscle.

Chris Tomlin 11:00
How diverse should my exercise regime be in the beginning. I’ve been doing it for about 3 months and see great gains. I do pull ups, chin ups, dips and stomach leg raises. I also mix and do press ups and Wall assist hand stand pushups. Currently I do this every other day.

DrummerLittleBrother 12:25
Is it personal preference to do your push ups with closed fists or is it better for your joints?

Bikem 14 13:42
Which exercises are the best to get stronger hamstrings and get better at pistol squats (one legged squat)?

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