FIRMER Hamstrings & Glutes with 2 Barbell Leg Exercises


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Barbell leg exercises can be intimidating for beginners and workout newcomers. So start with no weight on the barbell and just get your form down like you see NPC Bikini Competitor Amanda Lynn. Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS coaches Amanda through several reps of both hamstring exercises.

Lifting weights and getting the most from strength training really comes down to quality form and TENSION in the muscle. See how controlled Amanda moves through the lifts, with good tempo and range of motion.

If you’re able to do stiff leg deadlifts and good mornings like this with just the bar, you will see and feel results in your hamstrings, calves and your glutes. The glutes are hip extenders so since you’re hip hinging and coming to a standing position, you engage your glutes at the top of the lift. The hamstrings are fully engaged the rest of the lift as they are stretched while under tension (load).

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