Full Leg workout | Glutes, Inner Thighs and Hammies


Killer efficient leg workout that hits it ALL! Short on time? This workout is perfect for you. Targets Glutes, hammies, inner thighs and quads


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A1. Dead Lift to Hip Thrust – 5×8 reps
A2. Dead lift pulses- 5×12

B1. Plate Dead Lifts-3×1 0-12reps
B2. Reverse Lunge to Curtsy Lunge- 3×10 reps

C1. Side lunge – 3×12 reps
C2. Elevated sumo squat- 3×12 reps

D1. Single Leg hamstring curl- 5 reps each
D2. Regular hamstring curl 10 reps
D.3 Glute Bridge- 10 reps
D4. Hold glute bridge-10 sec
Repeat 3x
** can also add resistance to make more difficult

E1. Around the worlds- 3×25 reps

Enjoy! Please let me know how it goes

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