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Hey ladies! In this video I’m showing you my complete legs and booty workout session with a focus on glutes and hamstring! Nonetheless, we work every muscle in our legs, including quads, hamstring, glutes, and calves! Why? Because one cannot solely train her butt and must also train other muscles to achieve a strong and harmonious looking body! I hope you will find these exercises useful and hopefully you want to join me in my project to become a stronger and more confident woman! ♥

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Push hard and stay strong ladies 💪🏼

The BARBELL PAD I used in this video: http://bit.ly/2GOdIAy
The BARBELL COLLARS I used in this video: http://bit.ly/2E6bpLx

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Squats — 3 SETS OF 12-10-8 REPS

Leg Curl — 3 SETS OF 12-10-8 REPS

Hip Thrust — 4 SETS OF 12 REPS

Cable Kickbacks — 4 SETS OF 12 REPS

Adduction Machine — 4 SETS OF 12 REPS

Seated Calves Raises — 3 SETS OF 15


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