How to fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) | Hip/Hamstring stretches for Lower Back Pain relief | Hindi


How to fix Anterior pelvic tilt or APT. Exercises for APT, posture correction, stretch hip/hamstring & back pain relief. In last Video ie. How to fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt or APT (, we did exercises for back and core muscles

Bodybuilders who lift heavy weights with wrong technique, people who sit for long time, Pregnant women and girls wear high heals generally have this issue of Anterior pelvic tilt or APT. Its not limited to them only lack of exercises may also bring this issue. In long run a person having Anterior pelvic tilt or APT start having lower back pain.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to reverse the effects of chronic sitting by addressing what muscles are causing anterior pelvic tilt and how to strengthen the areas that are weak with the help of Yoga & exercises. Yoga is best to cope up with these posture imbalance. With a step by step attack plan, you are going to be able to fix this muscle and joint imbalance once and for all.

In this video we are going to demonstrate the yoga exercises to stretch and strengthen tight and week muscle groups respectively. Demonstration of yoga, stretches & exercises for hip flexors or buttock and hamstrings.

Kumar Deobrat who is a sportsman and play cricket from Jharkhand team helping us in demonstrating these yoga asanas to fixe Anterior Pelvic tilt or APT with Yoga expert/trainer Atul Kumar Verma (Fitness Rockers) at Gravity Health Club, Shakti Nagar under camera work & direction of Mr. Arjun Wadhawan.

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