Lower back and hamstring workout: stiff legged deadlift with dumbbells


This exercise targets: your lower back and hamstrings
For this exercise, you will need: two dumbbells

Stand with your back straight and legs shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbells with your arms pointed down in front of you, and with your palms facing in toward your hamstrings. Your knees are locked.

Bend at the waist and go as low as you can: at this point your upper and lower body should form about a 90 degree angle. Keep your knees locked and you should feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

Do not bend your back, but keep it straight throughout the exercise.
Your head should be up and your back slightly arched inwards.
This is a stiff-legged dead lift – keep your knees locked throughout the exercise.
This exercise can be dangerous if not done correctly or if it’s done with weights that are too heavy.
Start with light weights.
Inhale before returning to the starting position, and slowly exhale throughout as you lower your body.

Beginners: 10 repetitions
Intermediate level: 15 repetitions
Advanced level: 20 repetitions

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