compilation legs exercises for women’s step by step


It’s booty day! Round and perk up the peach by workin’ it at alll different angles🔥🍑 (most of vid is sped up)
Do these exercises in supersets as shown! DO NOT REST until you’ve completed the 2 exercises back to back! Then rest 1 min and repeat 4x💦

Superset 1: at smith machine
◽️Sumo Squat x12-drive your knees OUT
Straight into…
◽️Close-Stance Squat x12- feel these in the quads!

Superset 2: near a bench
◾️Bulgarian Split Squat x12 each leg- lean into leg in front. I find my foot placement by taking 3 steps forward from bench but find what’s comfortable for you!
◾️Side Lunge x8 each side

Superset 3: at assisted pull up machine
◽️Leg Push Down x15 each side- squeeze and keep tension in glutes
◽️DB Squat Burnout-I did 15 squats without locking out knees, straight into 15 pulses🔥🔥 do until failure!
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