25 Minute TANK TOP ARMS | Beginner DUMBBELL Workout for UPPER BODY


Grab your DUMBBELLS and let’s shape up your ARMS, CHEST + SHOULDERS with this BEGINNER upper body workout! Six simple exercises sculpt your body using a circuit protocol. We are close to the ground throughout this workout – there is no jumping, no standing and very little plank work – making it very accessible to all fitness levels.


Equipment: Pair of DUMBBELLS

Warm Up and Cool Down: Both are LINKED in the video

Exercise Time: 25 minutes

PURPOSE of the Workout: Building upper body strength and lean muscle tone in the chest, upper back, shoulders and arms will help increase functional fitness and shape your body

This WORKOUT is Good For: Beginning exercisers; athletes who want to build a strong upper body; anybody with weight loss, fat loss or body composition goals

MAIN WORKOUT (complete each exercise 10x; repeat the circuit 3x)
Chest Punches
Lat Pullovers
Chest Flys
Quadriped Row with Triceps Kickback
Half Pointer Dogs
Side Plank Press Ups

FINISHER (complete 25):
Push Ups

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