Brutal SHOULDER workout using Dumbbells Full Routine Explained My Top Tips


this workout i intentionally put together so it can be performed anywhere from home, hotel gyms, commercial gyms and a crossfit box. This is suitable for ALL fitness levels and both men and women.

Here is the Workout;

50 DB lateral raises

Seated Arnold Press – 4 sets x 15,12,10, last set is a dropset of 4 10/10/10/10
Seated V press 4 sets x 12 reps @ 2-3sec eccentric tempo

4 sets
Trx Y raises x 15 reps at 3sec eccentric tempo
Incline DB wide lateral raises x 12 at 2-3sec eccentric tempo

4 sets
Single arm reverse grip rows x 15,12,12,10 @2sec eccentric and 1 sec hold at the top of movement.
Incline bench laterals x 12 @3sec tempo

Triple set x 3 sets @ 2-3sec tempo eccentric on all of them
DB Close grip press x 12
Db raises L dbraises x 12
Seated front raises x 12

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