Cable Shoulder Exercises – 1 and 1/3rd Side Lateral Raise


Ah, the old stand by for shoulder exercises using a cable…
Or is it? Wait a minute, this one is different!

No doubt you’ve blasted out your fair share of cable side lateral raises. They are a great exercises and the pump and burn are awesome. Any exercise that can make your shoulders wider and therefore your waist appear smaller is a good one in my book!

But, can this deltoid movement be made even better?

It sure can!

The method is called the “and 1/3rd” protocol and can be used on virtually any exercise to make it exponentially more difficult – and effective!

You simply (but not easily!) take the toughest part of the movement – in this case the top of the lateral raise – and spend an extra 33 percent more time there! Your muscles get 33 percent more time under tension in the most effective portion of the movement.

We’ve laid out this exercise along with 4 other little-used, yet highly-effective shoulder variations so you can crush your shoulders and turn heads. That article can be found here

Be forewarned – the pump is real and so are the results!

We would be remised if we didn’t send a big shout out to Dustin Starr for repping these bad boys out!


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