GROW YOUR GLUTES | Complete Glute Focus Workout


This is a gym based glute workout for anyone trying to build some serious glutes! This workout consists of 5 key movements that will take your glutes to the next level! This workout will give you a crazy burn and pump while also concentrating on the main goal – which is to build muscle! Don’t be afraid of the weights! They are your booty’s best friend! This is my favorite glute workout to date. It is simple exercises that are effective and show real results!



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I made sure to warm up, stretch, and activate my glutes first!

I did a couple warm up sets before starting with my working set
4 working sets | 12,10,10,8-10-10
Drop set on the last set! If you can get more than 10 on the last round of reps of the last set, go for it! I on the other hand could no longer feel my butt LOL

#2 Incline Glute bridge with resistance band and dumbbell
4 sets | 12 reps

#3 Frog Reverse Hyper with resistance band
4 sets | 10 reps

#4 Goblet squats with dumbbell
4 sets | 12 reps

#5 lying glute hip abduction with resistance band
3 sets | 15 reps each side

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