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HRT: Animal Hellraiser Trainer — Hell Workout 1, Shoulders & Arms

In Hell Session I we’re going to hit biceps, shoulders and forearms. With me is IFBB Pro Mike Van Wyck. He’s going to demonstrate all of the lifts. I’ll be his training partner and spotter.

Before we destroy shoulders, we’re going to do some warmup sets of seated front presses. Mike’s going to start out with the bar only and do 10 reps to push the blood to the muscles. We’ll do three warm-up sets. Each will be a little bit heavier than the prior set.

Warmups make sure we’re prepping the muscles and pushing enough blood in there to get them ready for the Hellcentrics (the spotter applying pressure to make the lift more challenging).

The shoulders take a lot of punishment in bodybuilding. It’s important to hit the anterior, posterior and middle deltoids in our training to develop shoulders that make a statement on stage. That statement? “I’m here to kick your @ss!”

Anyway, shoulders are recruited in so many movements needed to sculpt a complete physique. Shoulder training also provides the opportunity to hit the hard-to-reach clavicular head of the pectoralis.

Everyone’s physique is unique in many ways. When performing these exercises, be sure to find the comfortable range of motion that best suits you.

In HRT we do three different exercises for complete shoulder development, with a fourth exercise added later in the week (You’ll see why this makes sense a little later.)

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