How a women’s shirt should fit ǀ 10-POINT CHECKLIST ǀ Justine Leconte


This video is about business fashion or office style. About how a classic shirt (or blouse) should fit.
Here I show you what to pay attention to when shopping for a women’s shirt like a white woven shirt.

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Checklist for shirt shopping:
– 2 fingers of space around the neck when the collar is closed
– Sleeve length: slightly shorter than your wrist (arm straight, held at shoulder height)
– Cuff can’t be taken off without opening the cuff buttons.
– Enough space under the armpits
– Waist fit (how tight it is): according the your taste
– Darts: at least one (or even 2 darts if you are rather busty), to not feel tight at the bust level when stretching your arms backwards
– Cross your arms (hug yourself) to check how much space you have at the back
– Placement of the buttons: close enough to each other & one button is at the level where it ‘pulls’ most
– Length of the shirt: long enough to stay tucked in your pants when you raise your arms
– Bonus point: fabric quality (thicker / heavier-weight and tightly woven means higher quality and durability)

Happy shopping!

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