Neck Exercises for Martial Arts



Most bad guys out there are head hunters. Strikers want to knock your block off. Grapplers want to grab your head and squeeze it till it pops.

So, whether you practice Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, or ANY martial art, doesn’t it make sense to work your neck a little to help you keep your chin tucked, roll with punches, head butt, fight your way out of chokes, and drive into the bad guy for takedowns? YES!

Before you attempt neck bridges like an Olympic wrestler or strap weights to your head, try these simple moves instead.

WARNING! I am not a doctor, so practice at your own risk. Especially if you already suffer from neck issues.

On a bag, bench, or bed, let you head drape over the edge. Perform each of the following four movements on your back, then on your belly.

Up and down. Ears to shoulder. Turning left and right. Circles.

That’s 8 sets. You can either count the reps (perhaps 20 reps/set) or time yourself (8 sets/30 seconds). Customize the workout to meet your personal capabilities and goals.

Work these simple neck exercises into your martial arts training a couple times a week and who knows—they might just save your neck!

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