Rear Shoulder Exercises – T’s


Due to today’s lifestyle and demands – sitting at a desk, looking at your phone, watching TV, driving, etc – many people end up with rounded shoulders and are in desperate need of rear shoulder exercises in order to help correct this.

Gone uncorrected, rounded shoulders can have many unwanted health effects such as pain in neck and the rest of the body. And, quite frankly, rounded shoulders just don’t look good and can make you appear in worse shape than you actually are!

Good news is “T’s” are simple and awesome at helping to fight against rounded shoulders but making the back of the shoulders and upper back stronger!

Plus they are a great exercise that can be done anywhere – even at home – without the need for weights or any other equipment.

For even more exercises for your rear shoulders, be sure to check out this great article that covers T’s in detail along with other effective exercises

This workout is geared towards helping you have great looking shoulders (especially in a tank top), but it’s also geared towards developing highly functional lean muscle and performance.

Dustin Starr, thank you very much for showing us how to perform the T’s!


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