Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercises #1 – Releasing Tight Pec Muscles


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Healthy Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Exercises #1 – Releasing Tight Pectoralis Muscles

If you’ve ever had a rotator cuff injury or shoulder pain, you’ll already know that it’s pretty much an awful thing to go through with because the shoulder doesn’t heal as fast as we’d like and the shoulder pain may last a long time.

Instead of starting with the standard rotator cuff exercises you may have seen using the therapeutic bands, you’ll be better off doing other shoulder exercises that helps keep the rotator cuff more balanced.

This first rotator cuff exercise in this video explains how to release tight chest muscles that could be causing your rotator cuff pain or dysfunction. If your shoulders are hunched forward, you definitely want to do these rotator cuff exercises to help prevent shoulder pain or shoulder injuries.

Check out this video:

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