Can’t Do Dips? For Women to Get Stronger to Do 1 Dip


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Before trying dips to help firm up your flabby arms or to perk up your chest to get rid of saggy breast you may want to see this push-up video here first especially if you already have trouble being able to do 1 pushup and if you do have trouble doing 1 push-up then I suggest you stick with that video here first before you begin tackling how to be able to do 1 complete dip.

To work your flabby arms more make sure you look straight ahead when doing dips and to work your chest more you can look downward or lean forward as you do dips but you will not have to worry about that until you have increased your range of motion over time as you get stronger by coming down deeper and deeper and…

A full dip is equal to you coming down deep enough until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle and come down past that only if it is comfortable to you.

No if you have saggy breast this will also firm up your breast making them look bigger but you have to come down close to 90 degree elbow angle to really make that happen.

As for truly getting rid of flabby arm fat you need to make sure you use this diet @ if you do not mind counting calories or this diet here @ if you’re not able to count calories and this fat loss workout or you could simply ad these fat loss exercises here @ 3-to-4 days per week.

Starting out with a less range of motion do your partial dips for 8-to-20 reps to get firmer arms and maybe just firmer arms depending how deep down you dip and as you range of motions increase to the 90 degree elbow angle and beyond you can progress to 8-to-12 reps where you are getting both a firmer arms and a firmer breast workout due to the newly increased range of motion.

Dips can be done up to 3 times per week on a lesser range of motion but when you get to a deeper range of motion and on 8-to-12 reps then 1-to2 times per week is all you need for results.

Other triceps (back of arm) exercises…
Overhead triceps extension:
Bench Dips:
Triceps extension:
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