Tricep Exercises For Women Dumbbell Arm Extension


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Tricep Exercises For Women: Dumbbell Arm Extension

I remember reading in a men’s muscle magazine back over 7 years ago that the tricep makes up 2/3 of the arm. So while most men are in the gym doing curl after curl their arms wont look much bigger unless they train their triceps with the same intensity and diligence.

You may wonder why I was reading a mens muscle magazine…well I wanted toned arms and figured I’d start looking at what guys do to have nice looking arms even when their bellies are hanging out.
How Hormones Play A Role In Bat Wings

If you tend to store fat in your triceps and thighs, you may have high levels of estrogen. Many women have high levels of estrogen compared to progesterone and this is when pms plays a major role.

Here are 2 ways to decrease estrogen:

Increase exercise volume
Eat cruciferous vegetables (ex. broccoli)

Meet Your Tricep Muscle

Your triceps are composed of three different sections, hence the name. All three heads start at the top of either your arm or your shoulder-blade and then unite to attach together on your forearm. The main function of the tricep is to straighten the arm, thus any exercise that involves straightening the arm against resistance, works your triceps. Ex. extensions, pressdowns and chest press.

You have 3 heads:

Lateral head — outer segment
Medial head — middle segment
Long head — inner segment

Tricep Extensions

This exercise targets all three heads (triceps brachii) while your upper back and rear delts act as stabilizer muscles.

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