7 minute HIIT workout FOR BEGINNERS


7 minute HIIT workout for beginners!

Welcome to my latest quick workout that you can do anywhere – it only takes 7 minutes! You will need a small step for this workout.

HIIT workouts should be challenging no matter what your fitness levels. But if you are new to exercise or not exercised in a long time, doing an advanced HIIT workout can put you off exercising again as it’s too hard, or worse you get injured. So build up your fitness! This is why I have put together this beginners’ workout.

HIIT workouts are great because they don’t take long but you will be burning calories for hours afterwards! So make sure that you give it your all during the work periods.

This workout consists of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, repeated 7 times. During the breaks, make sure that you keep moving!

I believe that healthy living should be easy, and easily fit into your day. You don’t have to workout for hours every day – a few minutes every day is much better than planning to do an hour a few times a week and ending up doing nothing because you don’t have an hour!

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