Butt Workout For Women | Informative Beginners Gym Workout For Booty


Butt workout for women. Informative beginners gym workout for glutes and legs. Grow the booty with these glute and leg workouts for beginners. I have been informative as I can for this workout that is perfect for beginners but if you have any questions about the workout please comment below! Give the video a thumbs up if you want to see more booty, glute and leg workouts!

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– I’m a nutritional sciences student from the UK.
– I live with my boyfriend and have a yorkie called Murphy (he is my life!)
– I am a huge foodie, specifically vegan food!
– I love keeping fit but I’m not about that obsessive life, i love loads of other things too.
– Other things I love is makeup and fashion … even though I am extremely prone to lying around in my pyjamas all day drinking tea.

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