TOP 4 Hamstring Exercises for Men (Stronger Leg Biceps!)


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Here are the TOP 4 hamstring exercises for you men out there and you can do them all WITHOUT a machine.

As you may already know, having strong hamstrings doesn’t just come from doing seated and lying leg curls on machines, in fact those are okay at developing stronger hammies but these 4 moves are better!

Machines have their place but when it comes to hamstring development, these 4 exercises are KING!

These 4 movements will challenge those leg biceps and help build a stronger posterior chain which is critical for lifters looking to get stronger.

Another huge benefit in doing hamstring exercises like this is back pain reduction. So many people go through life with super tight hamstrings which can lead to lower back discomfort and stiffness.

These hamstring exercises will help to alleviate that problem while strengthening and loosening the back of the leg while also strengthening your glutes.

Start doing these with light loads, work within your limits and make slow and steady progress!

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