Weight Loss Challenge Week 7 Weigh In Since Time Restricted Eating & Intermittent Fasting


Time Restricted Eating and Intermittent Fasting keep playing a major role in my success with weight loss. As I have said before it took me 5 months to loose just 24lbs prior to having begun the weight loss challenge with my college buddy Mario. He is suppose to be getting me an update on his success here very soon. The beginning of his weight loss journey had some bumps in the road do to social events. In other words I am crushing him with my fat loss and he doesn’t feel good about giving me his current results. He is doing the Ketogenic Diet, while I am just utilizing Time Restricted Eating and Intermittent Fasting to blast through the fat.

Here is my week 7 weigh in, I started the challenge with Mario at a weight of 297.8lbs and started my weight loss journey at a whopping 322lbs. I have increased the speed of weight loss during this challenge and I have lost more weight in 7 weeks than I had in the prior 5 months.

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