One of my favorite back days ever! We did so many different variations I loved it! This full workout is Day 38 under Burn Fat Get Fit on the CCFIT app like I mentioned. It is free to download and this specific workout is free as well and much easier to follow with the app in your hand if you’re interested!

Back workouts like this plus a healthy diet are the best way to blast back fat and build some muscle to achieve the toned back look!

Thank you so much for your support I hope you love the workout!

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Hi babes!

I have a slight obsession with living a healthy lifestyle and would love to teach you everything I know when it comes to at home and gym based workouts as well as nutrition for weight loss and weight gain for women.

I hope I can show you that eating well and exercising does not have to be nearly as miserable as it sounds and inspire you to join me on this lifelong journey!

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