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BEST Upper Body Bodyweight Workout
YES, you can totally get fit using just your bodyweight. You can also use a few handy tools to help accelerate and progress your bodyweight training! I wanted to share with you the BEST upper body bodyweight workout you can do using bars! You don’t HAVE to use bars (I go over what you can do instead) but I love to use the bars!

Best Upper Body Bodyweight Workout #1: Basic Push Ups For Beginners
Get a sturdy chair, a low countertop, a lowered squat rack… or your bars! Start by standing with your feet placed slightly apart, front leg bent slightly, with your hands placed on the bars (or whatever you are using). Lift your body up and down and be sure to switch legs. Even if you’re advanced, this is great for a warm up. Do these for about 30 seconds.

Best Upper Body Bodyweight Workout #2: Standard Push Ups
This one is great if your wrists are sensitive. Having the angle of the Lebert EQualizer really helps to relieve pain from your wrists because you’re grabbing rather than placing. Extend your feet out behind you and do standard push ups. If you need to make it a little easier, you can definitely drop down to your knees in this same position. Do these for about 30 seconds.

Best Upper Body Bodyweight Workout #3: Tricep Press
You can use a chair, a lowered squat rack, or the Lebert EQualizer bars for this one. I also like to fold a mat for my knees. Place all of your weight on your knees so your toes are slightly lifted off the ground. Press your hands into the bar and press down into your triceps. You should be feeling your weight in your triceps. Make sure to keep your back flat and your core tight. Do these for 30 seconds.

Best Upper Body Bodyweight Workout #4: Tricep Dips
Take it to a standing position and using a bench, a chair, a lowered squat rack, or Lebert, standing with your feet on the ground, lower your weight down working your triceps in a tricep dip. Another more advanced option is to completely lift your feet off the ground while doing the tricep dips. If you’re REALLY daring and strong you can bring your legs out in front of you while you do the tricep dips. This will work your abs a ton, too! Do whichever version is challenging for you for 30 seconds. It doesn’t take a whole lot to feel it — even if all you can do are small movements, do it!

Best Upper Body Bodyweight Workout #5: Modified Chin Up
Take it to the ground and grab your bar. Walk your feet out in front of you and lift yourself up using your back and chest and lower back down in a controlled manner. This is a great way to introduce yourself to a chin-up or a pull-up! If this is too easy for you, lift one leg at a time and up the intensity! Do these for 30 seconds.

And you did it!!!! A super short workout that WORKS — our muscles are on fire and all we used is our own bodyweight! If you need MORE of a workout, repeat the sequence. Do whatever is intense for YOU.

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!

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