Calf workout Weights workout – BARLATES BODY BLITZ Drop Sets Calves with Linda Wooldridge


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Welcome to DROP SETS series. In these workouts you will isolate individual muscle groups and perform 4 different exercises with 4 rep patterns for each exercise dropping from heavier weights to lighter weights. So that’s a total of around 300 reps for each muscle group – in other works total muscle fatigue. If you are looking to build lean muscle these are the workouts for you!

Build strength and definition in your calves with this muscle overload workout! Using 4 different exercises with different rep patterns you will work your calves from every angle. You start with standing double leg exercises with and without weights, move to single leg work on and off a platform, and finish with seated resistance band work to really finish the calves off!! There are hardly any breaks in this workout so you will fatigue your calves till they have nothing left to give you.

Fitness level: Intermediate/Advanced
Duration: 37 mins
Equipment: medium and heavy dumbbells, step or other elevation

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