Shamsul Ali legs and calves workout plus Flex magazine feature.


Hi guys,

Check out March’s issue of Flex magazine to see how I got into bodybuilding, what I eat, how I train and what so many people ask me, what do I do to get my abs!

Legs and calves workout.

Back squat 2 warm up sets, 1 with just the bar (20kilos) 2nd with 60k, rep range between 10-15.

Each exercise consists of 4 sets and 8 reps as heavy as I can do with good form.

Back squats

Hack squats

Leg press

Lying leg curls

Leg extensions

All my calf exercises were done at higher reps between 12-15 and the 3 different exercises were done straight after one another before having a break. I do 3 sets of this and then stretch them out to finish.

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