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Big booty workout and leg days are my favourite. And workout wednesday in gym terms is hump day!

So, lets get that hump and be proud of it.

Read for workout details:

I have shot this in a different style and would love feedback on it.

Workout Details:

Try and do each exercise for either 1 min or for 20 reps spread over 3 sets. Go heavier as you feel comfortable.

1. Walking Barbell Lunge
2. Weighted Bench Squat
3. Stiff Legged Deadlift
4. Front to back squat
5. Hack Squat
6. Finisher with mountain climber.

As you do this workout wednesday booty workout, you will notice that this leg workout does not have a cardio put in.
The reason behind a no cardio workout is that cardio tends to tire you more and gives you an illusion of weight and fat loss but we need to develop our muscles so that the food we eat is stored in muscles and not our bellies and hips.
As you do this leg workout, do not rest for more than 1 min as your heart rate will be up and you will feel exhausted but you will also burn fat which is what you need.
And the burn you feel in the end along with the pump is worth so much.

Diet after Workout:
1. Vegan: Eat a banana with handful of almonds.
2. Vegetarian: Get in 2-3 eggs with 1 egg yolk.
3. Non-Vegetarian: A whole chicken breast or turkey or a low fat steak.

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Here is the video.

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