GROW & LIFT your BUTT // GLUTE FOCUS Leg Workout


HI! I hope you all had an awesome holiday! Now that the New Year is here, it is time to smash some goals! This is a gym glute focus workout to grow and lift your glutes. Remember to squeeze at the top of each movement and drive through your heels for the most glute activation possible! Incorporate a solid glute activation routine BEFORE you do this workout to see maximum results!

p.s please leave any video suggestions down below so I can start planning out videos for the New Year! Workouts and lifestyle video suggestions would help lots! xx.



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Smith Machine Single Leg Step ups L&R
Super set w/
Glute Hip Thrusts
15 reps each for 3 sets

Sumo stance squats to sumo stance deadlift
10 reps each way for 3 sets
(elevate toes for more glute/hammie activation)

Single Leg deadlift into wide stance overhead squats
superset w/
Jump in N out squats
6 reps for each movement for 3 sets

Cable Glute kick backs
superset w/ (half weight)
standing hip abductions
15 reps each way for 2 sets

AMRAP Glute hip thrusts and Frog Thrusts
1 minute break and repeat 1 more time!

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