One Arm or Thigh Bigger Than The Other? (FIXING MUSCLE IMBALANCES FOR WOMEN)


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Have you ever noticed your arms or legs are bigger on one side than the other? Or perhaps you have an uneven chest? When one side is bigger or one arm fatter than the other this is a common sign that you’re dealing with a muscle imbalance. Today we’ll show you how to fix muscle imbalances for women and the most common muscle groups where they occur.

If you have noticed one thigh fatter than the other or one arm bigger, there is something you can do about it. The first thing to try when one side is bigger is unilateral training, meaning training each side separately to increase muscle recruitment. Try adding more reps or another set to the weaker side.

If you noticed that certain muscle groups are weaker than others, or that you’ve got uneven muscles, you can try to work weaker muscle groups more frequently. For example if you are quad dominant you may find that glutes and hamstrings are weak. Or many women find that their abdominals are strong but obliques are weak. When you are dealing with muscle imbalance, you’ll have to work the weak groups more often.

Finally if you are hunched forward from too much office work, this is a different type of muscle imbalance in women. You may need to stretch the chest and do back work to help with this imbalance.
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