Chest and Tricep Workout For Mass 2016 (Day 1)


What’s going on guys?! Haven’t done a workout video in awhile so just posted a Chest and Tricep video for mass. Almost show ready as of the recording of this video! Please remember to share/subscribe to the channel! Thanks!

Chest Workout

1:27 Alternating Arm Dumbbell Chest Press

3:17 Cable Crossover/Slow, Leaned Over Dips Superset

4:38 Decline Barbell Bench Press

5:05 One Arm Low Cable Fly

6:06 Incline Machine Chest Press/Push Ups Superset

Triceps Workout

7:10 Tricep Pushdown w/ V Bar/Overhead Tricep Extension w/ V Bar Superset

8:04 One Arm Dumbbell Extension/Lying Cross Face Extension Superset

10:15 Dumbbell Kickbacks

11:05 Skullcrushers

Songs in the video by Stealing Eden here:

1. Never Give Up
2. No One Else
3. All I Need (also in the intro)

If anyone is interested in online coaching, diet/workout plans, contact my e-mail for more info and flexible pricing!

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